New and Exciting Technology for Eye Health

Every step possible should be taken for the prevention of eye damage and disease. But, even with reliable measures of protection and care, eye accidents and eye disease can occur. Fortunately, ongoing research and new technology are being developed, dealing with any existing eye conditions. Not to mention technology that can also be used to protect eye health.

New Eye Treatment Options

The most devastating aspect that one can face with their eyes is blindness; a condition that millions are either born with, or it occurs later on in life. New breakthroughs are being made for sight restoration which is creating new hope for many.

  • Retinal Tear

One type of damage that can occur with the eyes is a retinal tear. The retina is a section at the back of the eye that is light sensitive. It has the job of sending data to the optic nerve, so the brain can process the image being formed. If the retina becomes damaged, this is interfered with. A new technology that is bringing good results is laser treatments, such as Argon or Diode.

  • Cataracts

Another common eye problem is cataracts. This can occur when the natural lens of the eye or eyes becomes cloudy. For people aged over 40, this is one of the most frequent causes of vision loss. There have undoubtedly been significant advances made in the correction of this eye problem, and again, in many cases, it is with the treatment of lasers, as well as new instruments, that can be used for the corrective procedures.

Ongoing Eye Care Research

Although there seems to be ongoing progress with treating and preventing eye problems, the research for this is not grinding to a halt. It is because researchers always believe there is something better waiting on the horizon, that will be cheaper, quicker and more effective. Then also, new eye problems are developing, that have to be addressed. Research is done in a variety of different ways.

  • Scientists test collected eye tissue from procedures against new treatments and drugs
  • Eye studies are done to collect data for research
  • Clinical trials are offered free of charge to those who have eye problems, so new treatments and drugs can go through their testing phases

In addition to all of this, everyone has the responsibility for their own eye care. Prevention is the best medicine. This means knowing what the potential risks are, for some type of eye damage or disease.