Taking Care of Your Eyes in the Office is Possible

Millions of people spend their eight hours in front of a PC or a monitor especially waiting for the confirmation of Euro hosts, trying to fulfill their daily business tasks. However, so few of them are aware of the risks that their eyes face in the long run. Working under office lights and looking at a shiny monitor for complete six hours tire people’s eyes dramatically. Although the symptoms of an eye illness are not revealed in the short run, the office workers and business people face with the negative impacts of not taking care of their eyes in the medium and long run.

For an efficient business day, people are required to pay accurate attention to the details of a spreadsheet, meeting powerpoint or market data so that they can finish their daily tasks or contribute to the project management. All these processes require extensive use of our eyes. Here is a comprehensive list for nurturing your eyes even in the office:

  • Don’t look at the PC continuously more than 60 minutes: Looking at the monitor all the time can make your eyes get dry even quicker. Try to give 10 minutes break of looking at somewhere else after every 50 minutes. This way your eye muscles will be relaxed and not that stressed
  • Keep an eye at the horizon: At your lunch breaks, you can prefer looking up at the sky or at the horizon in order to let your eyes take a rest. Natural light will calm down your eyes
  • Make sure to use the right light: Avoid super bright lights and try to adjust to light according to your sight. The font size should be readable from 30 cm distance
  • Minimize day-to-day glare in the office: Using blinds and glare screens will save your eyes from being ruined after 8 hours work at the end of the day. The screen needs to be at the optimum brightness so that your eyes would not get tired and dried very quickly. Your screen should not look like a light box while it should not be completely grey either.
  • Blink and blink again: Don’t underestimate the regenerative power of blinking. Everytime you blink, your eyes are getting cleaned again. So try to blink more often.