The Eye Perils of Working in Front of a Monitor

With so many concerns, and preventative measures needed to stay fit and well, one critically important part of the anatomy that sometimes gets neglected, is eye health. Attention is often only given to the eyes when some type of symptom indicates there could be a medical concern.

More attention needs to be given for the prevention of eye issues, as many potential factors take place in most peoples lives, that can have a detrimental impact on the eyes. A widespread one is possible damage that could be caused to the eyes, from working in front of a monitor. This is not only for those who are in the workforce but also for students, as well as anyone else that is using a monitor on a regular basis.

What Kind of Damage Prevention Can Be Implemented?

Once becoming aware of the risks that monitors can create for eye health, interest forms as to what can be done to help prevent it. Nobody wants to have to give up using their monitors, and many cannot, as it is in their workplace. Many businesses are now taking on health and safety responsibilities in the workplace. As it relates to the eyes, and potential risks from monitors, a lot of companies, such as the Australian Betting Site Unibet, are now taking on the costs for free eye tests each year for those that work for them. This is most beneficial for the employees, as well as the company itself. By contributing to the health of their staff, it can mean less turnover and more productivity.

Tips for Monitor Eye Damage Prevention

Those people using monitors also have to take on some of the responsibility to protect their eyes. No matter whether the monitor is being used for business or pleasure. Some things can be done that can help achieve this.

  • Give Eyes a Break: It is easy for many to sit in front of any type of monitor for hours at a time. Not only the standard computer monitors but even televisions or mobile devices. It is essential to take breaks frequently. These should include leaving the monitor entirely, as well as just shifting the direction of the eyes to look at something else.
  • Screen Positioning: How the screen is positioned is another important tip. It should not be too close to the eyes, or too far. Make the adjustment that feels most comfortable for your site. Keep the screen at eye level, but with a slight tilt away from you, so you are gazing down slightly as opposed to up.
  • Keep the Screen Clean: Keeping the screen clean will help to eliminate eye strain, and glare from the lighting.
  • Additional Tips: Make sure you have regular eye examinations. Do not neglect any eye symptoms. Keep your eyes moist. Use proper lighting.

Potential Eye Symptoms from Monitor Damage

There are some telltale symptoms of potential eye damage occurring from monitor use. Such as:

  • Vision can become blurred
  • Seeing Double
  • Discomfort in the eyes
  • Red or bloodshot eyes
  • Dry eyes

A lot can be done to protect the eyes.